Service Teams are responsible for assisting the work of the church and its ministers. 
Teams are open to anyone who is a member of the church. 
All members are strongly encouraged to participate in at least one service team.




Virginia Butler (CE)


Denominational Relations


Preschool & Children

Barbara Rodgers (C)


Ben Evans (C)



Church Ordinance


Weekday Education

Mona Pitts (C)

Kay Wilson (CE)

Patty Curbo (S)

Outreach & Prayer

Leonard Underwood (C)


Music & Worship

Family Care

Joyce Curbo (C)

Carolyn Ogden(CE)


Meals on Wheels

 Molly Embrey (C)


Barbara Powell (C)

Margaret Blackburn (CE)



Local Ministries

Paul Butler (C)

Leonard Underwood (CE)



Royce Rodgers (C)

Damon Wilson (CE)

Women’s Ministry

Sara Boyd (C)

Cindy Franklin (CE)

Service Team Chairperson (C)
Service Team Chairperson Elect (CE) • Service Team Secretary (S)